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In the one month that we have been online we have had a tremendous support from patrons like you. It has been a busy month for all of us here at ReadyLayouts. The Collection 1 of the brochure templates have been well received all over the world.

We are working hard to bring more and more designs to you in near future. And we would welcome any thoughts or suggestions that you may have. Comments? Suggestions? Mail to us at care@readylayouts.com

The special offer for India @ Rs. 1999/- ends on July 10, 2010 so make sure you place your order with your mailing address & the OFFER CODE READYLY0620 NOW! After July 10th the Collection 1 of brochure templates will be available at the regular price of Rs. 4500 + taxes.

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I am a designer myself.
Why I need these templates?

The biggest reason is saving time, effort and money. As a professional designer you might be aware of routine tasks one needs to do - to complete a sample Layout for your clients.

Saves multiple man-hours spent on designing layouts.

Sometimes a client may reject it, which is a loss of time and effort. In case of templates, you can judge your client’s needs and match the same without actually designing a layout. You can quickly select the template that meets your requirements, modify it & present it to your client. This saves multiple man-hours spent on designing layouts.

A tool which is a must-have for all designers! When there is no time and client wants multiple options.

Often clients give less time for creating a design. And sometimes they are looking for multiple options for the same brochure. In a situation like this Readylayouts brochure templates are the ideal way to present the designs quick.

Start with most of the work already done! Spend just 10 minutes for a design! Complete with 6 to 12 pages in each template

These graphic design templates are not your usual templates found elsewhere! They are complete with complete design & artwork. And each design consists of 6 to 12 pages.Download and Check out a free template in your desired format

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