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Isn’t using a template like stealing someone else’s idea?

Don't confuse Ready Layouts design templates with the type of rigid layouts that include actual artwork and photographs. The Ready Layouts templates provide a detailed framework for finishing, not a rigid, finished design. The templates' designs are good enough to use as they are and ideal for another designer to pick up and build upon.

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Q: Why are photographs not a part of the brochure design templates?

A: Pay Smart, Pay Less. As professionals, we know, that designers like to use their own images. So why spend on that. Ready Layouts templates contain no images. Though all vector artwork is provided for. And this is what keeps the templates prices so affordable. Then, we want all brochure designs to be distinct. If we limit you with the pictures, chances are someday you may find two exact layouts from two different companies.

Q: What kind of software will I need to modify the layouts as per my needs?
A: Ready Layouts provides you ready to use Brochure templates in CorelDraw (.CDR), Adobe InDesign (.INDD), QuarkXpress (.QXD) file formats. You need the following software to utilize the same:
To modify Adobe InDesign Templates, you require Adobe InDesign CS or higher. To modify CorelDraw Templates, you require CorelDraw8 or higher.
To modify QuarkXpress Templates, you require QuarkXpress 7 or higher.

Q: When I buy the template, is my material ready to go for Print?

A: Apart from templates, there are many other things like text content, images of your products / services, your company logo, etc. which needs to be incorporated in the Layout/Template.

Based on the knowledge of different users, we offer source files for CorelDraw, Quark Xpress as well as Adobe InDesign. You must incorporate your details into the templates and thereby, the time to modify a ready to use template to print-ready depends on your knowledge and speed. Your Artwork will not be print-ready buying alone. It is more of buy-modify-go for print. The templates, however, save a lot of time in terms of designing & creativity, space allocation for graphics & text, color selection /combination and so on. We take care of designing & technicality, so you can fill in relevant content and visuals.


Q: I am a professional graphic designer / Desktop publisher. What level of flexibility will Ready Layouts offer me?

A: We provide design template files in Adobe InDesign (.INDD), CorelDraw (.CDR), Quark Xpress (.QXD) & file formats. This allows you full flexibility to modify the layout to suit your client’s specific needs and to develop a professional Art work - with least hassles and in shortest possible time.

Q: Why should I buy a template, when I can design on my own ?

A: The biggest reason is saving time, effort and money. As a professional designer you might be aware of routine tasks one needs to do - to complete a sample Layout for your clients. Sometimes a client may reject it, which is a loss of time and effort. In case of templates, you can judge your client’s needs and match the same without actually designing a layout. You can quickly select the template that meets your requirements, modify it & present it to your client. This saves multiple man-hours spent on designing layouts.

Q: Why should I use brochure design templates? Don’t you think the same design will be used by another person too, who buys the same template?

A: Apart from geometrical shape / layout in a given template, there are many other things which lend a totally different look/touch to your template when it actually goes for printing. These are specifics unique to you and only you (or your client) - i.e. your logo, images of your products & services, corporate colors/color combinations as per your requirement and so on.

Ready Layouts are designed to give you a quick start. You can always modify these to match your exact need, which will never be exactly the same as any other.


Q: Can I put Ready Layouts templates on my website?

A: The Ready Layouts licenses only permit you to display completed projects (“derivative works”) on your website as examples of your work.

Q: Why do the text boxes contain a foreign language?

A: In Ready Layouts templates, the text boxes designated for body text contain Latin filler text to show how the layout looks with text. The body text in your finished marketing piece will contain copy that is exclusive to your business. When entering your text simply highlight our filler text and key or flow in your own on top of it.

Q: Can I resell your templates?

A: No, our templates are not sold to you with resale rights. Please refer to Terms of use for further details.

Q: Can I check a sample template before buying it?

A: Definitely try us. Check us out using our

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What Formats?
The multi-page brochure design templates are available in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress and CorelDraw formats. Soon they shall be available as MS Office, Illustrator and other formats. more

How is it different?
Each template consists of a professionally made cover, back cover and inside pages. The total pages in a document are even upto 12 pages, which helps you get a complete design and build upon a big project more
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These Graphic Brochure Design Templates are now available only on a CD. Apart from the CD you also get a Template Editing Guide and a Brochure Design Templates Locator to find your template easily. more

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